Warehouse Flooring

Select Flooring understands that a warehouse environment is one of the most demanding in terms of maintenance. That is why the correct choice of warehouse flooring is so important.

Warehouse flooring must be able to withstand heavy traffic from fork lift trucks, pallet trucks, other carts, and high footfall. They typically also have to deal with high footfall and infrequent cleaning.

You need a long-lasting, durable, and robust flooring solution for your warehouse. That is exactly what Select Flooring can deliver.

Warehouse Flooring Applications

Not all warehouses are created equally – but there are common factors to be considered in all.

Contact Select Flooring, and we will inspect your warehouse environment before making our recommendation for your optimal flooring solution.

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Factors we consider include:

  • Sub-floor preparation: We inspect the condition of your existing floor, to determine any repairs or upgrades necessary before laying a flooring coating.
  • Traffic flow: We consider the level of traffic movement in your warehouse, i.e. fork lifts, pallet trucks, other carts, etc.
  • Footfall: We also consider the level of pedestrian traffic that your warehouse experiences each day.
  • Durability: Realistically, warehouse flooring is typically not cleaned or otherwise maintained as often as other industrial or commercial flooring applications. This means that durability is of utmost importance.
  • Colour choice and scheme: Grey is the most common choice for warehouses, as it helps to hide tyre marks, oil drips, etc. However, we can provide other colours, where appropriate. We can also add coloured walkways and demarcation lines to your flooring, to facilitate traffic flow and workforce safety.

Warehouse Flooring – Kanban Systems

An appropriate colour choice and colour scheme can allow you to introduce a Kanban System to your warehouse flooring, to aid with stock control systems and improve efficiency.

Kanban Systems originated in Japan and are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to how they can easily be implemented to promote ‘lean’ operations. Contact Select Flooring for individual advice.

Benefits of choosing Select Flooring
for your Warehouse Flooring needs

  • Vast expertise and 100% commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Full project management from initial consultation until job completion.
  • We can schedule work to minimise downtime and disruption to your business.
  • In-house workforce, all highly trained in quality control and Health & Safety Compliance.
  • Available throughout all of Ireland and the UK.
  • All warehouse flooring solutions long-lasting, highly robust, and fully guaranteed.
  • ISO 9001, Safe Contractor, Construction Industry Federation and SafeTCert accreditations.
  • Sika approved partner.

ISO9001 CIF SafeContractor SafeT Credits

Warehouse Flooring Maintenance

Another significant benefit of choosing us for your warehouse flooring needs is how we provide a full life span consultation for each project.

We deliver a full maintenance method statement and a quality report upon completion. We then follow up with:

  • Quarterly visits for the first year.
  • Bi-annual visits for subsequent years.

Any necessary maintenance or logistical changes can be scheduled well in advance, to minimise disruption to your site.


Warehouse Flooring Quotations

Simply contact us to request a quotation for your warehouse flooring needs. Our representative will visit your site to scope the project and provide an accurate quotation within days.

We can then schedule subsequent work according to your company timeframe, to minimise downtime and disruption.

Remember that at Select Flooring, we are experts in all aspects of warehouse flooring. Let us bring our expertise to you.