Chemical Resistant Flooring

At Select Flooring, we know how important chemical resistant flooring is in many commercial and industrial applications.

No matter what the setting, a concrete floor base is porous by nature. Without a suitable coating, the concrete can absorb acids, alkalis, solvents, and other compounds. These can deteriorate the floor from within, and furthermore, can even flow through to the subsoil beneath.

Select Flooring will prevent this from happening by recommending the best solution for your environment. All our solutions are long-lasting and also fully compliant with all relevant legislation and best industry practice. Simply contact us to begin to benefit from our expertise.

Chemical Resistant Flooring Applications

Select Flooring offers a broad range of chemical resistant flooring coatings, which will suit all applications. Whatever the chemicals used in your sector and whatever their potential hazards, we will deliver the perfect solution.

We know that chemical resistant flooring is important not just in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc. For example, spillages in a food processing factory can also contain chemical compounds that can damage the floor surface. This can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants as a result.

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We can prevent this by laying a covering that is impervious to the specific chemicals used in your operation. These make it easier to isolate and clean up, and also the contain hazardous substances. This in turn keeps your facility, your workforce, and also the environment safer.

Typical applications for our chemical resistant flooring solutions include:

  • Factories in all industrial sectors
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Vehicle service areas and showrooms
  • Food and drink processing plants

Benefits of choosing Select Flooring
for your Chemical Resistant Flooring needs

  • Vast expertise and 100% commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Full project management from initial consultation until job completion.
  • Work can be scheduled to your requirements – therefore minimising downtime and disruption.
  • In-house workforce, all highly trained in quality control and Health & Safety Compliance.
  • Available throughout all of Ireland and also the UK.
  • All chemical resistant flooring solutions long-lasting, highly robust, fully compliant, and fully guaranteed.
  • ISO 9001, Safe Contractor, Construction Industry Federation and SafeTCert accreditations.
  • Sika approved partner.

ISO9001 CIF SafeContractor SafeT Credits

Chemical Resistant Flooring Maintenance

Another significant benefit of choosing us for your chemical resistant flooring needs is how we provide a full life span consultation for each project.

We deliver a full maintenance method statement and a quality report upon completion. We then follow up with:

  • Quarterly visits for the first year.
  • Bi-annual visits for subsequent years.

Any necessary maintenance or logistical changes can be scheduled well in advance, to minimise disruption to your site.


Chemical Resistant Flooring Quotations

Simply contact us to request a quotation for your chemical resistant flooring needs. Our representative will visit your site to scope the project and provide an accurate quotation within days.

We can then schedule subsequent work according to your company timeframe, to minimise downtime and disruption.

Remember that at Select Flooring, we are experts in all aspects of chemical resistant flooring. Let us bring our expertise to you.